February 6, 2023


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Web Ad Tariff


550 x 450 is the RoadBlock Ad – Cost Rs.1000 Per Day. For Ten days the offer Rate is Rs.7,500

300 x 250 pixels first folder Ad – Cost Rs.30000 per Month.


Home Page
(Tariff Rates for One Month)

Size in Pixel Position Rate

 Per Month

300x250 and 728x90

in 5 inside pages 

300x250 PixelS

first folder + 728x90

Leader boards in the 5 inner pages

Rs. 40000
728x90 2ND Position (Home Page)

3rd Position (Home page)

Rs. 15000

RS. 10000

Side Panel


Side Panel (Home Page) Rs. 10000
First Folder Rectangle
300 x 250 pixELS
In Home page Rs. 25000
300x250 Pix Right Panel (II Position)

Right Panel (III Position)

Rs. 20000

Rs. 15000

Leader Board in any 3 inner pages  728 x90 pix First Folder Rs. 25000


Home Page only Rs.4000 per Day
Any Banner – in the inner pages Rs 100 / CPM 18% GST will be added while billing

Discount depends on duration of the ad display.